Our Management and Executive team has the experience, judgement, and skills to generate shareholder growth and be a leader in clean energy infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our team has extensive and impressive credentials in the energy industry. Our executives are drawn from backgrounds including senior executive finance; senior executive professional services; senior executive technical consultancy and project management; law; and upstream oil, gas and renewable energy.

Engineering and Project Management

From an engineering perspective, Waratah power possesses expertise in all phases of hydropower projects: initial identification studies through to feasibility studies, concept and detailed design, specification documentation, tendering, construction and contract management, operation, maintenance and upgrading.

  • Surface and underground power stations;
  • A range of operating heads and turbine types;
  • A wide range of dams and weir types;
  • Tunnels and shafts in a range of rock conditions;
  • Penstocks;
  • Pumping stations, canals and pipelines; valves and gates;
  • Electrical and mechanical plant; Controls and communications;
  • Transmission systems.

Small hydro project capability:

  • Professional project management;
  • Estimates of flow/duration curves and energy modelling;
  • Simple and cost-effective power station layout;
  • Appropriate environmental studies;
  • Effective interconnection with local grid;
  • Simple and reliable controls;
  • Low operation and maintenance costs;
  • Cost effective engineering tailored to small hydros.