Our Vision

Waratah power seeks to be a leading developer of sustainable renewable energy projects in Asia.

We aim to develop projects that have positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

While providing attractive dividends and capital growth to our investors through prudent and responsible management, we seek to do so only in conjunction with the generation of other positive outcomes.

Throughout the work that we do, and in the communication that we have with others, we will retain highest levels of commitment to meeting the promises that we make, and attainment of the highest possible standards.  Integrity in our behaviour and pride in our work is absolute.

Our focus is to work on the provision of low cost power which might otherwise be generated by carbon-based fuels, or not at all.

*Total levelized costs including capital, fixed/variable O&M and transmission investment costs for plants entering service in 2016

Our commitment to developing an alternative to power generation which is either emissions intensive, or has other negative externalities, is a core part of our drive.  By 2015 we plan to be generating electricity which would abate over 500,000 tCO2e in that year.

We strive to engage constructively with all stakeholders in the communities and jurisdictions in which we work.

At our projects we seek to engage constructively in long-term community engagement processes throughout the planning, construction, and operating phases.  We seek to provide employment opportunities, and invest directly in social and physical infrastructure of our communities alongside our projects.

With local and national Government we seek to maintain constructive dialogue in order to further important legislative developments including policies and regulations that promote renewable energy; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and lead to equitable, fair, and transparent planning and investment environments.

Maintaining these standards, which we intend to set and review on a pre-assigned and regular basis, will serve to strengthen our business, as well as the service which we provide our communities and investors