Our Approach

Waratah Power is focused on delivering strong value growth and dividend streams to our investors from portfolios of sustainable energy generation projects.

Waratah is focused entirely on small hydropower, a long proven technology where risks are identified and managed. Small hydropower is consistently recognized as a best performing power generation asset class and for providing long term sustainable development benefits.

Privately funded and operated hydropower projects have proven a sound and attractive investment over many decades.

Waratah does not seek involvement with either high cost other renewable energy technologies or with newer, less proven renewable energy technologies.

Waratah is headquartered in Australia. It operates only in those countries where the regulatory market and growing demand for power make for:

  1. Attractive returns on investments;
  2. Secure environments for both local and international investments;
  3. Quick government decision making.

Small hydro projects are investments that require quick decision-making and implementation.

Waratah is structured to enable this to be done professionally and effectively.

Waratah’s founders and management are experienced in all aspects of small hydropower:

  1. Engineering,
  2. Environmental and socio-economic management,
  3. Construction and commissioning,
  4. Finance and commercial structuring, and
  5. Operations and maintenance.

Our management also have practical in-country experience in those countries where Waratah is working.
We provide attractive, long-term returns to investors associated with dividends from project development and asset management.